Personal Statement

Dr. Gerald Kunzmann

I studied electrical and information engineering at the Technische Universität München (TUM) in Munich, Germany, with a concentration in information and communication technology. For my PhD I researched distributed, self-organizing routing protocols and network architectures for the Next Generation Internet and developed novel concepts and algorithms for their optimized operation. This optimally qualified me to apply as researcher at DOCOMO Euro-Labs.

In our labs I started as researcher for the next generation mobile core network. The team’s goal was to improve the Quality of Experience (QoE) and efficiency of mobile networks. This is of particular interest as mobile operators worldwide are facing a significant increase of mobile video applications and, thus, extensive increase of data traffic in the mobile network. I represented DOCOMO Euro-Labs in the European research projects MEDIEVAL and SAIL, where partners from academia and industry worked to optimize mobile networks for multimedia services and scalable/adaptive solutions for a next generation transport network respectively.

Since 2014, I have been leading our standardization team which is active in the areas of Machine-Type-Communications (MTC), Software-defined Networking (SDN), and Network Function Virtualization (NFV), and 5th Generation Mobile Networks (5G). 


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