Mobile Adventure

The future of mobile networks – This is our business

Welcome at DOCOMO Euro-Labs where our Research & Development Teams bring meticulous investigations and high-flying dreams together on a daily basis. We do so by conduction industry research on technologies for a new radio interface investigating on new waveforms, massive MIMO and non-traditional cellular carrier frequencies. Our core network research explores the possibilities of virtualization and programmable network technologies as well as innovative mechanisms to face the diverse requirements of future services from industrial point of view. We actively facilitate manifold standardization activities as well as advanced technology investigations and scouting activities to elaborate on promising trends and business developments. Whenever appropriate and recommended to intensify our efforts, we inspire collaborations with other industry partners, leading European research institutes and participate in publicly funded research programs.

DOCOMO Euro-Labs takes an active part in the transition from an information infrastructure to an intrinsic everyday-smart-life communications environment. All of our members substantially contribute to challenges that arise from the “Mobile Adventure”. Together we discover the sublime possibilities of tomorrow’s mobile world.

Dr. Thomas Walter
Chief Technology Officer (CTO & Vice President)
DOCOMO Communications Laboratories Europe GmbH